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Usability Testing and UX Audit Services

Edylinn Technologies provides usability testing and UX audit services to ensure exceptional user experiences for your software applications. Our experienced UX specialists conduct rigorous testing and evaluation to identify areas of improvement in user interface design, navigation, and overall user experience.

Services We Provide

Usability Testing

With our extensive knowledge of business, technology, and UX trends across various industries, we evaluate the ease and clarity of your solution for end users. Our usability testing assesses the user experience, ensuring your solution is intuitive and user-friendly.

UX audit

Our comprehensive UX audit examines the information architecture, identifies interactive pain points, UI defects, and performance issues, and provides recommendations to enhance your application. We focus on improving the overall user experience through our thorough assessment.

UX research

Our team of experienced UX specialists, business analysts, and web designers goes beyond traditional usability testing and audits. We offer UX research services to gather valuable insights and information that may be unavailable from previous UX design efforts. This enables us to provide a holistic approach to improving your application’s user experience.

Cooperation Models

Usability testing as a separate service

Edylinn Technologies offers dedicated usability testing services, focusing on assessing the ease of use and clarity of your solution for end users. With our in-depth understanding of business, technology, and UX trends, we evaluate the user experience, providing valuable insights to enhance the usability and user-friendliness of your application.

Usability Testing as a Part of UX Research:

As part of our comprehensive UX research services, Edylinn Technologies incorporates usability testing to gather important information and insights about your solution. Our experienced team of UX specialists, business analysts, and web designers conducts thorough usability testing, going beyond traditional assessments to uncover valuable user feedback and recommendations.

Usability testing as a part of UX research

At Edylinn Technologies, we recognize the significance of usability testing as an independent service. Our dedicated usability testing team focuses on evaluating the ease of use and clarity of your solution, providing actionable insights to optimize the user experience. With our expertise in business, technology, and UX, we ensure that your application is intuitive and user-friendly.

Challenges We Solve

Usability Design:

Successful usability testing services require context information such as persona creation and user journey mapping. At Edylinn Technologies, we leverage our expertise in UX research to model real users with their specific needs, problems, and software expectations. By creating personas and visualizing customer journeys, we ensure a user-centric approach to usability design.

User-Centric Usability Requirements:

Usability requirements vary across different user groups within an application. For corporate apps, we test convenience for various roles, replicating real-life scenarios to address business challenges. We also consider the needs of new and experienced users, ensuring a seamless user interface that caters to their specific requirements.

Domain-Specific Usability Expertise:

Our wide experience across multiple domains, including healthcare, retail, banking, and manufacturing, enables us to understand the unique needs and usage patterns of your target audience. With our industry-specific knowledge, we deliver usability testing tailored to your domain, ensuring optimal user experiences. Additionally, our ISO 27001 certification ensures secure collaboration.

Real-Life Context Reproduction:

To ensure effective usability testing, we replicate real-life contexts by considering various devices and settings that your target audience is likely to encounter. For mobile applications, we account for on-the-go tasks, distractions, connectivity limitations, and diverse input methods. Similarly, for desktop applications, we consider factors like office illumination and mouse usage. This comprehensive approach provides accurate and meaningful usability testing results.

Effective Issue Prioritization and Resolution:

With a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system, we not only identify usability issues but also prioritize them based on severity and impact. This ensures focused attention on critical aspects and establishes a logical order for issue resolution. Our goal is to enhance the usability of your application while avoiding the introduction of new problems.

Challenges We Solve

Expert-Based Usability Testing:

Heuristic Evaluation: A UX researcher evaluates the usability aspects of your application by comparing them against a set of usability heuristics. This method relies on the expertise of the researcher, as they assess the application without having specific information about user operations or sequences of actions.

Cognitive Walkthrough: Similar to heuristic evaluation, a UX researcher is provided with tasks and scenarios that a user is likely to perform while using the application. This method enables the researcher to evaluate usability based on a user’s perspective and expected interactions.

User-Based Usability Testing:

In User-Based Usability Testing, members of the target audience are engaged to use a prototype or a functioning application and complete predefined scenarios. These scenarios are developed by a UX researcher to mimic real-world usage scenarios. During the testing session, users are encouraged to verbalize their thoughts, guesses, and reasoning behind their actions in the tested application. This provides valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and usability issues.

Selected Projects

Responsive UI Design for an Online Booking Web Application

Edylinn Technologies’ responsive design experts optimized the desktop UI of a meeting room booking web app for mobile devices within a 2-week timeframe. Our team ensured that the application seamlessly adapts to different screen sizes and devices, providing a user-friendly experience for users accessing it on mobile devices.

UI Redesign of a Mobile Banking App for iOS and Android

We undertook a comprehensive UI redesign project for a mobile banking app, enhancing its interface to reflect expanded functionality and accommodate future growth. Our skilled designers revamped the app’s visual elements, ensuring a modern, intuitive, and user-centric design for both iOS and Android platforms.

UX Audit to Help a Website Prepare for WCAG Conformance Certification

: Edylinn Technologies conducted usability testing and a thorough UX audit for an IT company’s website, with the goal of preparing it for WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) conformance certification. Our evaluation helped identify areas of improvement to ensure the website meets the required accessibility standards and provides an inclusive user experience.

Quality Assessment and Redesign of a Custom EHR Application for a US Chiropractic Care Provider

Our team conducted a comprehensive quality assessment, including code review and business consulting, for a custom Electronic Health Records (EHR) application. We collaborated closely with a local chiropractic care provider in the US to identify areas for improvement and implement a strategic redesign, enhancing the application’s functionality, performance, and user experience.

End-to-End Testing of a Highly Ranked Mobile Banking Application

Edylinn Technologies’ testing team performed thorough Agile testing for a highly ranked mobile banking application. Through collaborative efforts with the development team and bank representatives, we ensured the application’s quality and reliability. This long-term project, spanning over 5 years, reflects our dedication to delivering successful and robust mobile banking solutions.

Remove Barriers to Successful User Adoption of Your App:

 Edylinn Technologies is committed to helping you enhance user satisfaction and eliminate barriers to successful user adoption of your application. Our team is ready to assist you by testing the usability of your app and providing valuable insights to improve the user experience. Take the first step by scheduling a free consultation with our experts.