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Quality Management at Edylinn Technologies

At Edylinn Technologies, we prioritize quality in all our endeavors. Our dedicated QA and testing team ensures that our projects meet the highest standards, delivering reliable and top-notch solutions to our customers.

The Pillars of Our Approach to Quality Management

Quality-centered leadership

  • Our leaders establish and communicate our quality strategy, setting clear expectations for our teams.
  • Managers at all levels act as role models, driving a culture of quality and results-oriented performance.

Skilled, motivated, and result-driven people

  • We hire professionals who are passionate about their work and continuously enhance their skills.
  • Our onboarding process ensures new hires quickly assimilate our culture and values.

Value-focused collaboration

  • We prioritize effective and transparent communication with clients and contractors.
  • Collaboration is based on tailored KPI systems, promoting transparency in our processes.

Transparent and effectively managed processes

  • Our customers are well-informed throughout all stages of our cooperation.
  • Meticulous planning, monitoring, and continuous improvement guarantee quality standards are met.

Commitment to compliance

Our clients can rest assured that all industry-specific and internal corporate standards and regulations are met.

  • Our solid approach to the safety of our customers’ information is proved by ISO 27001 certificate.
  • In development projects, we create software compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, PCI Software Security Framework, SOC1 and SOC2, SOX, GDPR (for the EU), ZATCA (for Saudi Arabia), and other standards and regulations.
  • We have experienced compliance consultants on board, and our employees can undergo additional training to meet compliance requirements for a specific project.

Data-driven decision-making

  • Our approach to data safety is validated by certifications.
  • We comply with industry-specific and internal corporate standards and regulations.

Customer focus

  • Customers’ needs and satisfaction drive our business strategy.
  • We maintain open communication and continuously analyze and act on customers’ changing needs.

Continuous improvement

  • We constantly analyze internal procedures and conduct audits to improve our processes.
  • Our quality management adapts to clients’ changing needs and compliance environments.

Why Choose a Quality-First Company?

You can count on smooth cooperation and value-driving outcomes. Edylinn Technologies guarantees:

Tangible value

  • Accelerated Time to Market: Achieve 20-40% faster software release timelines, ensuring quicker deployment of your innovative solutions.
  • Increased ROI and Efficiency: Experience 20-50% higher applications’ return on investment through effective support and maintenance.
  • Superior User Satisfaction: Attain over 90% user satisfaction score for help desk services, enhancing customer experience and loyalty.
  • Optimal Process Automation: Realize +30-200% process automation in digital transformation initiatives, streamlining business operations.

Predictable results

  • Well-Structured Project Processes: Benefit from well-defined and organized project processes for consistent and reliable outcomes.
  • Professional and Motivated Teams: Collaborate with skilled and motivated teams dedicated to achieving project success.
  • Effective Communication: Ensure seamless communication between Edylinn Technologies, your teams, and stakeholders, fostering collaboration.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Mitigate potential risks with professional risk management practices, safeguarding project goals.

Project cost optimization

  • Reduced Rework Risks: Establish stringent quality standards from the outset, minimizing the need for costly rework.
  • Planned Expenditures: Experience cost predictability with clear planning and budgeting from project initiation.
  • Stable Vendor Partnership: Eliminate risks associated with changing vendors midway, ensuring continuity and consistency.

Why Choose a Quality-First Company?

Looking for a Quality-Dedicated IT Service Provider?

“Discover the Quality-Dedicated IT Service Provider you need with Edylinn Technologies.”

See How We Manage Quality at Every Stage of Our Cooperation

“At Edylinn Technologies, quality is at the core of our operations. From project initiation to delivery, we ensure meticulous quality management at every stage of our cooperation.”


 Our experienced business managers and project managers work closely with clients to understand their needs, plan development activities, and provide clear project costs, ROI, and compliance plans.


We define project milestones and KPIs to optimize and improve development efforts while creating a high-level test plan for software quality assurance.


Our skilled team designs high-performing architectures, user-centric UX/UI, and writes high-quality code, with rigorous testing and automation to ensure software reliability.


This is the stage where we build the solution. Each software development iteration based on Scrum methodology runs according to our quality management principles, lasts for 2-4 weeks, and includes the following cycles:

3.1. Architecture, UX and UI Design

ScienceSoft’s experienced architects design high-performing, reliable, and scalable architectures, microservices-based, cloud-native, and service-oriented architectures.

The UX researchers study the target audience, its needs and behavior, while the UI designers create prototypes aimed at high user engagement, retention, and ease of use.


We provide clients with a clear project documentation, quality reports, and testing results for a smooth transition.


Through effective communication and continuous improvements, we maintain high-quality software that evolves to meet changing business needs and ensures user satisfaction.

Quality is Only Real When Measured: KPIs We Use

At Edylinn Technologies, we believe in measuring quality to ensure software excellence. We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to track and optimize our development process, delivering superior results for our clients.

  • At Edylinn Technologies, we employ a project health score, a comprehensive metric derived from weighted KPIs, to assess the overall progress and success of our projects. This allows us to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  • At Edylinn Technologies, we closely monitor the percentage of outsourcing personnel costs to total project costs and the percentage of outsourcing personnel hours to the total time budget. By analyzing these metrics, we gain better control over external involvement, manage risks more effectively, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation for each project.

  • Actual effort in hours to budget: This KPI provides an overall measure of how well the project is progressing in terms of resource allocation and budget utilization.
  • Project management effort in hours to budget: This KPI helps us evaluate the efficiency of project management activities and ensures effective coordination and planning.
  • Features waiting in the backlog longer than the deadline: This KPI serves as a control point, aiming to have zero features pending beyond the scheduled deadline for on-time project delivery.
  • Total amount of “rework” time: This KPI emphasizes the importance of quality by measuring the time spent on repetitive tasks or fixing issues, promoting continuous improvement.
  • Timeline shift to plan is a crucial KPI used for measuring Project Health. It helps us assess the project’s progress by comparing the actual timeline with the planned timeline, enabling us to identify and address any deviations and ensure timely delivery.

Key Quality Performance Indicators (KPIs) include:

  • Test coverage and actuality, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date test coverage.
  • Total number of change requests, tracking modifications to gauge project scope stability.
  • Percentage of deliverables accepted in the first UAT phase, indicating product quality during user acceptance testing.
  • Code quality, measured through regular code reviews or scanner results.
  • Defects count per project/iteration/functional module (grouped by severity), revealing product quality status.
  • Defects count per project/iteration/functional module (grouped by priority), assessing defects’ impact on business value.
  • Testing effectiveness per project/iteration, calculated as (Defects found by the test team / Total defects count)*100%.
  • Defects found in UAT, categorizing defects by severity for UAT evaluation.
  • Rejected defects ratio (per project), indicating the quality of defect localization and reporting procedures.
  • Executed test cases count grouped by status vs. actual test cases count (per project, last result), providing insights into testing intensity.
  • Requirements covered with test cases vs. the total number of requirements, offering an overview of test coverage.
  • Reopened defects rate, revealing the effectiveness of project stabilization procedures.

Defects “need info” rate, assessing the quality of defect descriptions provided by the development team.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) demonstrating client involvement and related outcomes:

    • Customer engagement score, reflecting the level of client interaction and satisfaction.
    • Delays with requirements elicitation sessions, indicating potential challenges in gathering project specifications.
    • Delays with User Acceptance Testing (UAT), highlighting any issues in the testing phase.

With Edylinn Technologies Your Project is In Safe Hands

At Edylinn Technologies, we prioritize the security and success of your project, ensuring it is in safe hands backed by our extensive expertise, robust security measures, and unwavering commitment to excellence.