Affiliate Program: Expand Your Business Network

Join our Affiliate Program and earn rewards by referring clients who require IT consulting and custom software development services. Whether you are a consultancy, an individual consultant, a marketing agency, or a sales agent, we welcome you to collaborate with us and reap the benefits of our Referral Program.

Cooperation Procedure

  • NDA and Agent Agreement: To safeguard your sensitive data, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and an Agent Agreement to define the terms of our cooperation.
  • Introduce Your Clients: Refer clients in need of IT services, and we will handle the communication, offering them the best solutions.
  • Commission Reward: When we win a contract through your referral, you will be compensated according to the conditions of our Referral Program.

Flexible Partnership Options

  • No Mandatory Participation: While your involvement in the software project is not compulsory, you have the option to join as a consultant.
  • Long-Term Cooperation: We prioritize building lasting relationships and offer comprehensive software development and IT consulting support to each new customer you introduce.
  • Marketing Support: Access co-branded marketing materials to introduce our services to your clients and showcase the benefits of our joint offer.

Our Expertise and Core Industries

Data analytics including big data analytics

Cleansing and integrating data, providing analysis and visualization to get valuable business insights.


Helping companies enhance customer management, win new clients and improve productivity.


Seizing the potential of Magento to ensure efficient inventory management, analytics and reporting, cross-business order management, account, purchase and payment history review and more.


Helping companies build efficient e-cooperation with their customers and partners.

Mobile apps

Developing native and cross-platform apps for customers and employees in healthcare, banking, retail, manufacturing and professional services and more at employee, department and company level.

Document management

Using the potential of SharePoint and Office 365 to improve corporate communication and project management and optimize workflows with easy-to-go collaboration tools.


Enabling secure document sharing, automated document processing, classification and indexing, intelligent search and data discovery.

Internet of things

Assisting organizations across multiple industries to advance with smart connected products, smart maintenance, industrial IoT, smart logistics and transportation, smart city and more. We’ve worked out our approach to IoT architecture to ensure business-boosting performance of the IoT solutions we deliver.

Information security

Offering SIEM, identity and access management and penetration testing services (Edylinn is an IBM Security Gold Business Partner).


Core Industries We Serve


  • 17 years in healthcare IT consulting and software development.
  • Our customers are Baxter, MSxHealth, Chiron Health, Saratoga Bridges and other healthcare service providers.
  • We offer mobile applications for doctors and patients, healthcare CRM, medical portals, healthcare data analytics and more.


  • 17 years in mobile banking and intranets, document and knowledge management, banking data analytics, customer portals, loyalty program management and more.
  • We provided service to American, European and Asian banks and financial institutions including RBC Royal Bank, PayPal, M&T Bank.

Retail and consumer goods

    • We’ve been delivering IT Retail services since 2003 and created IT solutions for such corporations as Walmart, Nestle, Heinz and more.
    • We offer e-commerce, loyalty solutions, customer data analytics, retail business intelligence, in-store automation.

How We Work

IT consulting



Why Edylinn

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Ready to start? Need more info about partnership details? Contact us to get free consultation and explore how we can cooperate. Our specialists are open to give the presentation of Edylinn services and provide you with our demos, success stories and other materials you need.