Security Testing Services

Edylinn Technologies offers comprehensive security testing services to help businesses identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in their IT systems. Our team of skilled security experts conducts thorough testing, including penetration testing, code reviews, and vulnerability assessments, to ensure that your applications and networks are resilient against potential cyber threats.

With our security testing services, you can proactively protect your critical assets and maintain the trust of your customers. By partnering with Edylinn Technologies, you gain access to a team of certified security professionals with extensive experience in identifying and addressing security weaknesses. Our comprehensive reports and actionable recommendations empower you to prioritize security enhancements and make informed decisions to safeguard your valuable data.

What We Check

Edylinn Technologies’ security team is fully equipped to conduct comprehensive end-to-end IT security testing. Our experts meticulously evaluate and validate the security of your systems, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable assets and sensitive data.

Network services


Firewalls, IDS/IPSs, other security solutions

Application protocol interfaces (APIs)

Front end and back end of applications

Security Testing Components

Security Assessment

Our team utilizes advanced scanning tools and in-depth manual analysis to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your software and IT infrastructure based on their criticality.

Code Review

Through rigorous scanning and analysis of application source code, we detect security flaws that might have been overlooked during the development stage. Addressing these issues ensures enhanced protection against unauthorized access to your application’s data and functionality.


Vulnerability assessment

We combine advanced scanning tools and thorough manual analysis to unearth all known vulnerabilities in your software and IT infrastructure and prioritize them by their criticality.

Security code review

We scan and analyze application source code to find security flaws left from the software development stage. Fixing those flaws helps prevent unauthorized access to the app’s data or functionality.