Software Testing and QA Outsourcing

Enjoy frequent releases of high-quality software

Outsourcing your software testing and QA to Edylinn Technologies ensures access to a dedicated team of skilled QA professionals. We bring extensive expertise in testing methodologies, industry best practices, and cutting-edge tools to ensure the highest quality standards for your software solutions. With our outsourcing services, you can reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and leverage our specialized knowledge to optimize your testing processes.

QA outsourcing implies handing over the responsibility for testing process management and the quality of outcomes to a reliable vendor.

edylinn can support your fast development pace and help you release high-quality software by planning, implementing, and continuously optimizing the QA process, as well as establishing effective and transparent collaboration with the development team and stakeholders.

Our Competencies

  • Wide range of competencies in diverse programming languages, frameworks, and platforms.
  • Specialization in developing custom software solutions tailored to specific business needs.
  • Proficiency in agile methodologies for flexibility and adaptability in project execution.
  • Deep understanding of industry best practices and trends.
  • Expertise in cloud computing, mobile app development, web development, and database management.
  • Customer-centric approach to delivering innovative and high-quality software solutions that drive business success.

Why Outsource QA

Depending on the project complexity, delegating software testing to an experienced QA outsourcing company can save

20 – 30% of a project budget and 10 – 15% of time to market.

Here are some other reasons to turn to outsourced QA.

An Optimal QA Team

By outsourcing QA and software testing, you gain access to a precisely tailored team with the required expertise, eliminating the need to search for qualified professionals or invest in training. The service provider ensures the right number of skilled QA professionals with project-specific testing knowledge.

Shorter Development Life Cycle and Quick QA Improvements

Partnering with a reliable outsourced software testing company provides access to best practices, test automation tools, and frameworks, resulting in reduced testing time and efficient handling of project requirements and deadlines. QA outsourcing accelerates QA maturity and facilitates achieving software quality management goals more efficiently.

A Fresh Approach

Outsourcing QA brings an external perspective and professional practices that can be significantly more effective than relying solely on in-house resources. The involvement of an external team motivates developers and internal QA staff to proactively identify and eliminate defects.

Forefront Tools

QA outsourcing providers employ advanced test management, bug tracking, and test automation tools and technologies like Selenium, Appium, Ranorex, Microsoft Coded UI Tests, ensuring a faster and more efficient testing process.

Predictable costs

Getting a professional team of balanced number and qualifications along with transparent quotes helps to make the QA and testing budget coherent and predictable. If the project scope allows automated testing, the efforts and thus the costs will get another reduction.

How We Work at Edylinn Technologies

Cooperation with edyi unfolds as follows:

Transition Stage

  • Comprehensive assessment of your current QA process.

  • Service planning and preparation of Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

  • Smooth transfer of responsibilities.

  • Redesigning the QA process and integrating it into existing workflows.

Service Delivery Stage

  • Strategic test planning to outline testing scope and objectives.

  • Meticulous test design to ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Thorough test execution to identify and report any defects.

  • Validation of defects and regression testing to ensure stable software performance.

  • Detailed reporting of test results and evaluation of testing performance.

Evolution Stage

  • Continuous improvement planning and implementation for the QA process.

  • Validation of business processes to ensure alignment with QA objectives.

  • Ongoing refinement of testing methodologies and practices

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We Provide All Types Of Testing for Outsourcing

  • Manual Testing and Test Automation (Proficient in both manual testing and test automation using industry-standard tools such as Selenium, Appium, and Microsoft Coded UI Tests).
  • Application Testing (Expertise in testing a wide range of applications including SaaS, web, mobile, and desktop applications).
  • Comprehensive Testing Approach (Well-versed in functional, performance, usability, accessibility, compatibility, and security testing to ensure comprehensive coverage and high-quality software).

Service Options We Offer

Product-level QA Outsourcing

When you require additional QA and software testing competencies or resources for a specific project, choose this option to bridge the gap and ensure thorough quality assurance for your product.

Multiproduct-level QA Outsourcing

Opt for this option when you need to strengthen QA and software testing across multiple projects. Our expertise spans various domains and technologies, allowing us to provide comprehensive QA support for a variety of projects.

Complete QA Outsourcing

With this option, you can rely on us for end-to-end QA support, eliminating the need for internal QA resources. You maintain full control through regular test execution and KPI reports, ensuring comprehensive QA coverage for your projects.

Transformational QA Outsourcing

This option is ideal for companies looking to enhance their QA process maturity. As a seasoned software testing company with a track record of 730+ successful testing projects, we can assist you in implementing an effective QA process, increasing test automation rates, integrating testing into CI/CD pipelines, or setting up Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE).

Check More Success Stories

Full-cycle Testing of Two Image Processing Applications for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

Edylinn Technologies provided comprehensive testing for two image processing desktop applications developed by a renowned global digital imaging leader. Our testing team ensured the software’s quality and performance, catering to the needs of professional photographers, amateurs, and manufacturers of photography equipment.

Automated Testing for vCIO Solution of a US Leading Training Services Provider

Edylinn Technologies successfully automated the testing of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vCIO solution for a leading training services provider in the US. Despite tight timelines, our team ensured a superior and consistent user experience, contributing to the smooth functioning of the client’s SaaS software.

Testing of a Cloud-based Citizen Service Portal for a European IT Company

Edylinn Technologies conducted end-to-end functional and non-functional testing for a cloud-based citizen service web application developed by a European IT company. Our dedicated testing team paid special attention to the project, performing comprehensive testing to ensure the application’s reliability and usability for public sector users.

Testing and Support of BI-enabled ERP for a Multi-Industry Corporation

Edylinn Technologies provided full-scale testing and technical support for a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integrated with a Business Intelligence (BI) module for a major retail and wholesale brand in a European country. Our long-term partnership allowed us to ensure the system’s stability and efficiency, meeting the diverse needs of the multi-industry corporation.

Development of a Mobile App for a Global Leader in Image Processing

Through our collaboration, Edylinn Technologies assisted a global leader in image processing in developing an innovative mobile app for iOS devices. Our expertise in mobile app development enabled us to deliver an award-winning solution that revolutionized image processing capabilities, providing a seamless user experience and setting new industry standards.

Outsource Your QA Now!

Edylinn Technologies is here to help you establish an optimal QA process, execute, and manage comprehensive QA and testing activities. With our expertise, we ensure the delivery of high-quality software solutions within accelerated timelines. Trust us to handle all your QA needs, enabling you to focus on core business objectives while ensuring exceptional software quality. Partner with Edylinn Technologies for efficient and effective QA outsourcing services.