Software Performance Testing Services

With 33 years of experience in software testing and 21 years in test automation, ScienceSoft can define if your app meets speed, stability, and scalability requirements.

ur expert testing team conducts comprehensive performance testing to ensure that your software can handle the expected workload and perform optimally under various conditions.

We employ industry-standard performance testing methodologies and tools to identify and address performance bottlenecks, scalability issues, and potential risks.

Our performance testing services include load testing, stress testing, endurance testing, and capacity planning, enabling you to deliver a high-performing and reliable software solution to your users.

Performance Testing Types edylinn Technologies Conducts

Load testing

Edylinn Technologies conducts meticulous load testing to evaluate system behavior under various expected load variations. Our goal is to identify system capacity, response time, and any bottlenecks that may impact performance.

Stress testing

With our stress testing services, we determine the system's maximum operating capacity and assess its performance under extreme load conditions. This enables us to anticipate and plan for potential system failures and ensure optimal performance even in high-stress scenarios.

Scalability testing

At Edylinn Technologies, we measure the system's scalability by assessing its ability to handle increased load. By identifying scaling limits and reasons for potential limitations, we assist in planning for future growth and optimizing system performance.

Stability testing

Our stability testing services evaluate the system's endurance over extended periods, including 24/7 operation. By assessing stability and potential risks of downtime, we help you plan maintenance activities and ensure a stable and reliable system.

The later a performance defect is detected, the higher the cost of remediation. Therefore we start testing your idea from the planning stage to proceed into the development stage with confidence of getting the maximum ROI in your solution thanks to its fault-proof performance.

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We know how poor website performance ruins your conversions and drives your customers away. We save you from performance pains with our special offering.

Your Software Is in Good Hands – We Guarantee

defect tracking log that ensures visibility and facilitates management of the defect fixing process.
A suite of re-usable performance test scripts for regular control of software performance.

Performance test results report for profound understanding of software stability, reliability, and resource consumption issues and their root causes. The test results report includes:

  • Executed performance testing types with detailed description.
  • Performance test lab components and their characteristics.
  • Summary and numerical results of test outcomes in graphs and tables, and relevant comments for each executed performance testing type.
  • Final analysis and description of software performance KPIs, their visualization via graphs and tables.

Explore the Example of Our Performance Test Report

ScienceSoft provided performance testing as a service and carried out framerate, latency and bandwidth testing for Anydesk to find the opportunities for improvement, and compared the results with the competitors.

Our Technology Expertise

We Take Care of Every Performance Testing Step

At Edylinn Technologies, we provide comprehensive performance testing services to ensure your software meets the highest standards of performance, scalability, and reliability. Our experienced testing team follows a systematic approach to address all aspects of performance testing, from planning and preparation to execution and analysis.

Our Performance Testing Steps include:

Test Planning:

We collaborate with your team to understand the project requirements and define the performance objectives and testing scope.

Test Environment Setup:

We configure a realistic test environment that closely resembles your production environment, including hardware, software, and network configurations.

Test Case Design:

Our experts design and develop test scenarios and test cases to cover various usage patterns, load profiles, and performance metrics.

Test Execution:

We execute the performance tests, simulating realistic user scenarios and load conditions to evaluate the system's response time, throughput, and resource utilization.

Monitoring and Analysis: :

We monitor key performance indicators, collect performance metrics, and analyze the test results to identify performance bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Recommendations and Reporting:

Based on the analysis, we provide actionable recommendations to optimize performance and enhance scalability. We deliver comprehensive performance test reports that highlight the findings, including detailed performance metrics and insights.

Benefits ScienceSoft’s Performance Testing Brings

With Edylinn Technologies, you can trust that your software will undergo rigorous performance testing to ensure it can handle the expected workload, deliver optimal user experience, and meet your performance goals.

More Success Stories

Full-cycle Testing of Two Image Processing Applications for a Global Digital Imaging Leader

Edylinn Technologies conducted comprehensive testing of two image processing desktop applications for a European product company that delivers powerful software for professional photographers, amateurs, and manufacturers of photography equipment.

Automated Testing for vCIO Solution of a US Leading Training Services Provider

 Edylinn Technologies automated the testing of a vCIO software solution for a prominent US MSP coaching company. Despite tight time frames, our team ensured a superior and consistent user experience with their SaaS software.

Testing of a Cloud-based Citizen Service Portal for a European IT Company

 Edylinn Technologies performed end-to-end functional testing and non-functional testing of a cloud-based citizen service web application for a European IT company specializing in online citizen service solutions for the public sector. Our dedicated testing team gave special attention to this web application, which had initially been tested by its developers only.

Testing and Support of BI-enabled ERP for a Multi-Industry Corporation

Edylinn Technologies provided full-scale testing and technical support for a multi-faceted ERP system integrated with a BI module. This long-term partnership involved a major retail and wholesale brand in a European country.

Development of a Mobile App for a Global Leader in Image Processing

 Through collaboration with Edylinn Technologies, our client, a global leader in image processing, successfully developed an innovative mobile app solution for iOS devices. The app underwent several releases and was recognized for its innovative image processing capabilities.

Improve Your Software Performance Now!

Relying on a mature quality management system confirmed by ISO 9001 certification, our testing can reveal hidden performance bottlenecks for your software to remain fully functional, reliable, and stable.