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Edylinn Technologies provides comprehensive IT Service Management solutions to help businesses optimize their IT operations, streamline processes, and enhance customer satisfaction. Our services ensure seamless IT service delivery, incident management, problem resolution, and continuous improvement for your organization.

Edylinn Technologies ITSM consultants:

  • Highly experienced and certified ITSM consultants with in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and frameworks.
  • Expertise in implementing ITSM solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client.
  • Proven track record of successful ITSM projects that resulted in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Challenges We Solve

Streamlining IT service delivery and optimizing IT processes to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. For example

Inefficiency of IT support across distributed business units

Streamlining IT service delivery and optimizing IT processes to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. For example

Complexity of monitoring vendors’ performance

  • We establish clear vendor management frameworks and implement performance monitoring mechanisms to ensure vendors meet SLAs and deliver quality services.

Failure to manage multiple IT service vendors with different SLAs and overlapping areas of responsibility

  • Our experts develop vendor governance models and effective SLA management strategies to streamline vendor coordination and prevent service overlaps.

Inability to assess IT employees’ performance

  • We implement performance evaluation frameworks and IT employee assessment tools to measure individual performance and identify areas for improvement.

Disorganization of Financial management for IT services

Our ITSM consultants introduce robust financial management practices, including budgeting, cost allocation, and financial reporting, to ensure effective financial control over IT services.

Lack of preventive efforts in IT service management

  • We promote proactive ITSM practices, implementing preventive maintenance and risk management strategies to minimize service disruptions and downtime.

Difficulty in solving ITSM problems caused by merges and acquisitions

  • Our consultants specialize in guiding businesses through ITSM integration challenges during mergers and acquisitions, ensuring smooth transitions and maintaining service continuity.

How Our IT Service Management Consulting Works

Our IT Service Management Consulting employs a systematic and collaborative approach to identify, assess, and implement tailored solutions that optimize IT service delivery and elevate overall organizational performance.

One-time consultation

Our one-time consultation offers expert insights and strategic recommendations to address specific IT service management challenges and enhance your IT operations.

Your company needs to process changes caused by outsourcing or insourcing particular IT services

Edylinn Technologies can expertly configure Service Level Management and implement customized workflows for different service units to facilitate a smooth transition.

Your IT support is suffering from a low user satisfaction rate

Our ITSM consultants can enhance user satisfaction by optimizing service portals, Knowledge Management, and implementing satisfaction surveys for valuable insights.

ITSM platform implementation

Edylinn Technologies delivers seamless ITSM platform implementation to streamline your IT service management and enhance customer satisfaction.

Ongoing improvements

Edylinn Technologies provides continuous enhancements to optimize your IT service management processes and ensure long-term success.


At Edylinn Technologies, we leverage industry-leading ITSM technologies such as ServiceNow, BMC Helix, and Jira Service Management to deliver efficient and streamlined IT service management solutions for our clients. Our expertise in these platforms enables us to enhance IT processes, increase productivity, and improve overall service delivery.

Selected ITSM Projects

ServiceNow® Implementation for a Global Retailer:

Edylinn Technologies designed and deployed a ServiceNow solution for a multinational confectionery manufacturer, streamlining ITSM automation and coordination across regional IT departments while maintaining existing workflows.

ServiceNow® Integration App Development for Leading IT Company

Edylinn Technologies developed a reusable integration application on the ServiceNow platform for a billion-dollar turnover IT company, facilitating data transactions between their ServiceNow system and clients’ ITSM solutions.

ServiceNow® Portal Development for Government Institution:

Edylinn Technologies created a ServiceNow-based solution for a governmental body to manage human biological material usage, combining a ServiceNow portal and a custom internal operations app to expedite biological sample inquiries and compliance with legislative acts.

ServiceNow® Consulting and Integration for Multinational Enterprise:

Edylinn Technologies advised a multinational construction and engineering enterprise with 17,000+ staff on ITSM system integration, establishing seamless data flow between their ITSM solution and ServiceNow.

SolarWinds-ServiceNow® Integration for ITSM Mobile App:

Edylinn Technologies integrated ServiceNow and SolarWinds platforms into a single ITSM mobile application, enabling users to monitor databases and create incidents on-the-go while passing performance and security audits.

ServiceNow® Evolution and Support for European Bank:

Edylinn Technologies ensures continuous ServiceNow delivery for a European bank with 40,000+ staff, executing integrations, configuring service catalog, and enhancing incident reporting processes.

ServiceNow® Application Development for Supplier Performance Analysis:

Edylinn Technologies assisted a London-based IT consulting company in creating a ServiceNow app for supplier performance analysis, gaining ServiceNow Store certification.

ServiceNow® AD Integration for Single Sign-On

: Edylinn Technologies integrated ServiceNow with Active Directory and HP UCMDB, enhancing user convenience and enabling seamless configuration item management within ServiceNow.

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