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Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Empower your organization with highly effective support solutions

With our Help Desk Outsourcing Services, you can trust that your technical support needs are in capable hands.

 Our experienced team offers round-the-clock assistance, ensuring your customers or employees receive prompt and reliable support, enhancing overall satisfaction and productivity. Focus on your core business while we handle the support side with expertise and efficiency.

Select Your Case

For product companies and enterprises

Don’t exhaust yourself with the painful issues your software or IT infrastructure may bring.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs):

Partner with a reputable provider boasting 33 years of IT experience and confidently delegate your help desk tasks to us. We’ll ensure top-notch support, allowing you to deliver exceptional service to your clients without any worries.

Why Choose EdylinnTechnologies

  • Extensive industry experience delivering innovative solutions
  • A dedicated team of experts ensuring personalized and tailored services
  • Proven track record of timely and efficient project delivery
  • Commitment to ongoing support and maintenance for long-term success.

IT Help Desk Support Levels We Offer

We offer comprehensive IT Help Desk Support with multiple levels to cater to all your technical needs and provide efficient issue resolution.

L1 support

  • Answering software and infrastructure usage queries, providing instructions for minor issues, and creating user guides and support materials.

L2 support

  • Resolving software and network configuration issues, investigating and addressing root causes of problems, and offering combined L1/L2 support for faster ticket processing.

L3 support

  • Involving software engineers to tackle complex code-level issues and address defects discovered by L1 and L2 support levels.

Our IT Help Desk Communication Channels

Customer portal

Case-tracking system



Instant messaging

Social networks

Languages Our Help Desk Teams Speak

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Turkish
  • and more

What Makes Our IT Help Desk Services Reliable

Thorough IT background

Our extensive IT background spans across software development, QA, and IT infrastructure services, enabling us to deliver proactive and efficient IT infrastructure and software support.

Effective collaboration

We excel in fostering effective collaboration between help desk specialists, developers, admins, and QA teams, both internally and externally, drawing from our successful track record in numerous help desk projects.


Our flexibility lies in tailoring help desk solutions to match the diverse and evolving needs of our customers, including team size, skills, time coverage, pricing models, and communication channels.

Focus on quality

With a strong focus on quality, we continuously improve our mature help desk services through knowledge accumulation, relevant training for help desk agents, process enhancements, and a commitment to achieving outstanding help desk KPIs.

Tools We Use in Our Help Desk Services

Our Hallmark Help Desk Projects

L2, L3 Support of a Marketing Campaign Management Solution

Edylinn Technologies provides professional L2 and L3 support services for marketing campaign management solutions, ensuring seamless operations for complex microservices-based systems handling big data and integrated with external platforms.

L2-L3 Help Desk for Magento, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine Apps

With a 3+ year collaboration, Edylinn Technologies has empowered a European digital agency to maintain and evolve over 25 digital apps on Magento, WordPress, and ExpressionEngine platforms, ensuring their clients’ success.

Structured Data Capture Application Support for a UK Software Company

For a UK software company, Edylinn Technologies delivers reliable support for structured data capture applications used in drug discovery, medical diagnostics, and other health-related sectors, facilitating their efficient operations.

Structured Data Capture Application Support for a UK Software Company

Edylinn Technologies also excels in supporting structured data capture solutions for international scientific software providers in biotechnology, chemicals, and other industries, ensuring smooth and seamless functionalities.

Help Desk for End Users of Product Design Software

Our team at Edylinn Technologies offers comprehensive help desk support for end users of a cutting-edge SaaS platform, enabling real-time 3D interior design visualizations at manufacturer’s or retailer’s facilities, with round-the-clock assistance through a robust knowledge base and ticketing system.

How We Arrange Our IT Help Desk Services

We analyze your request for support services, identify user roles and their access levels and estimate the number and urgency of incoming requests. This will help us size up the efforts required for your project.

We discuss with you the details of our cooperation and prepare the service level agreement (SLA) accordingly. Depending on a particular case, this document normally includes:

  • The description of the support service package and the estimated budget.
  • Support hours (for example, 24/7 or 12/5 servicing) and languages of communication.
  • The support team’s size and expertise, levels of support provided, contact channels and the type of the ticketing system used.
  • Definitions of incident priorities.
  • Incident response time depending on its priority.
  • A reporting schedule and the data that reports should contain.

To ensure that the chosen scope of our services corresponds to your business needs and expectations, we offer a three-month trial period and can introduce the changes to SLA, if needed.

We study software documentation, conduct interviews with your company representatives and analyze software functionality. This helps us to understand how software is designed and how it is expected to behave. Then, we prepare the needed documentation and instructions for our team.

When knowledge transfer is completed, we set up a support handover meeting to transfer responsibility from your development or another support team to our help desk specialists.

  • Processing requests according to SLA: we receive, assess, prioritize, and handle incidents. We regularly update users about the status of their current tickets to keep them informed. Besides incidents, we solve problems that cause multiple similar incidents to occur. This allows for preventing software failures.
  • Analyzing results and delivering monthly reports: we provide you with the reports containing the statistics on incidents in the agreed format.
  • Gathering user feedback: we collect users’ feedback about software, gather change requests and thus supply get the info that prompts at how to modify software according to user needs.
  • Creating the knowledge base: on the basis of the encountered and solved cases, our team prepares FAQs, articles and other materials that can help software users to solve similar incidents. This significantly decreases the number of incoming tickets and reduces incident resolution time.
  • Conducting proactive support: monitoring your software and detecting abnormalities in its performance, we identify potential issues and address them even before service tickets come.
  • Offering process improvements: using KPIs, we analyze the performance of our help desk team and define possible improvements in help desk operations. After prioritizing these ideas based on potential business results, we discuss them with you and implement the approved improvement ideas.

KPIs to Measure IT Help Desk Efficiency

Edylinn Technologies provides a tailored array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess and measure the efficacy of our support services.

Edylinn Technologies offers a core set of main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of our support services:

Main KPIs

  • First Response Time (FRT): Measures the time taken from ticket submission to the initial response provided by a support agent.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Gauges customer satisfaction through short surveys after ticket resolution.
  • Resolution Rate (RR): Shows the percentage of issues successfully resolved from the total number of received tickets.

Examples of optional KPIs

  • Average Time to Resolution: Tracks the duration customers wait for ticket resolution by service agents.
  • Abandonment Rate for Calls: Measures the percentage of non-answered calls within a specified timeframe.
  • Critical Management: Ensures swift escalation of critical cases to the appropriate personnel or department.

The final set of KPIs is tailored and agreed upon collaboratively with each customer to ensure alignment with their specific support needs and objectives.

Value Our IT Help Desk Services Bring

Having cooperated with a wide range of customers, we know how to bring value to every business by:

Improving Solution Adoption: Our prompt and comprehensive answers to end users’ software usage questions enhance their understanding and realization of your solution’s full potential, leading to improved adoption rates.

Increasing End User Satisfaction Levels: Swift resolution of software issues for your clients or employees fosters higher levels of satisfaction, increasing their loyalty to your software products and company.

Eliminating Staff Issues: By outsourcing your service desk to us, you avoid the need to hire, onboard, and train in-house help desk specialists, saving time and resources for more critical business needs.

Comprehensive Service Desk Outsourcing: Beyond incident management, we excel in delivering high-quality services to end users, handling user communication, including timely announcements of planned changes to IT infrastructure components, ensuring smooth operations for your business.

What You Get when Outsourcing IT Help Desk to Us

  • Access to a dedicated and highly skilled team of IT help desk specialists.
  • Streamlined incident management process with prompt and effective issue resolution.
  • 24/7 support availability, ensuring continuous assistance for your end users.
  • Efficient handling of user communication and proactive announcement of planned IT infrastructure changes.

Cost Factors of Help Desk Outsourcing

The cost of outsourced help desk services is determined by various factors, including:

  • Pricing model, such as per ticket or bucket of hours.
  • Number of tickets handled.
  • Help desk levels (L1, L1/L2, L3) provided.
  • SLA terms, like response time and first contact resolution.
  • Time coverage, ranging from 8/5 to 24/7 support.
  • Size and competencies of the help desk team.
  • Actual workload of team members, indicated in Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs), e.g., 5 FTE (168h*5), 1 FTE (168h), 0.25 FTE (40h).

How Much Will Outsourced Help Desk Cost You?

The cost of an outsourced help desk service will vary based on factors such as the pricing model, number of tickets, service levels, SLA terms, time coverage, team size, and actual workload.