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Data Science Consulting Services

Edylinn Technologies offers top-tier Data Science Consulting Services to help businesses leverage the power of data for informed decision-making and enhanced performance. Our team of skilled data scientists and analysts collaborates with clients to design robust data-driven solutions, from data collection and preprocessing to advanced analytics and machine learning model development.

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Use Cases Edylinn Technologies Covers with Data Science Services

Operational intelligence

  • Real-time process optimization by detecting deviations and undesirable patterns, with root-cause analysis and performance prediction.

Supply chain management

  • Enhancing supply chain efficiency through reliable demand predictions, inventory optimization recommendations, and supplier and risk assessment.

Product quality

  • Proactively identifying production process deviations affecting product quality and preventing disruptions.

Predictive maintenance

  • Monitoring machinery and predicting pre-failure and failure states to optimize maintenance schedules.

Dymanic route optimization

  • ML-based recommendation of optimal delivery routes using real-time data such as vehicle maintenance, GPS, traffic, weather, and road conditions.

Customer experience personalization

  • Building recommendation engines and designing personalized services through customer behavior analysis and segmentation.

Customer churn

  • Identifying potential churn risks and implementing strategies to retain customers.

Sales process optimization

  • Advanced lead and opportunity scoring, next-step sales recommendations, and alerting on negative customer sentiments.

Financial risk management

  • Forecasting project earnings, evaluating financial risks, and assessing a prospect’s creditworthiness.

Patient treatment optimization

  • Identifying at-risk patients, enabling personalized medical treatment, and predicting possible symptom development.

Image analysis

  • Automating visual inspection, facial or emotion recognition, grading, and counting to minimize human error.

What Our Data Science Services Include

1. Business needs analysis.

  • Outlining business objectives aligned with data science.
  • Identifying issues with existing data science solutions (if any).
  • Defining clear data science deliverables.

2. Data preparation.

  • Determining data sources for data science.
  • Conducting data collection, transformation, and cleansing.
  • Machine Learning (ML) Model Design and Development:
  • Selecting optimal data science techniques and methods.
  • Defining evaluation criteria for future ML models.
  • Developing, training, testing, and deploying ML models.

3. Machine learning (ML) model design and development.

  • Evaluating and fine-tuning ML models for improved performance.
4. ML model evaluation and tuning.

5. Delivering data science output in an agreed format.

  • Providing data science insights through reports and dashboards.
  • Offering optional custom ML-driven apps for self-service use.
  • Integrating ML models into other applications (if needed).

6. User & admin training, data science support consultations.

  • Offering training for users and administrators.
  • Providing ongoing support and consultations for data science-related queries.

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Cooperation Models We Offer

Data science solution implementation

  • Gain easy access to the required experience and resources for building a data science solution tailored to your unique business needs.

Data science improvement consulting

  • Receive strategic and tactical guidance to overcome challenges in your data science projects, ensuring accurate predictions and valuable insights.

Ongoing data science consulting and support

  • Benefit from continuous support and evolution of your data science initiatives, enhancing the quality of insights and adapting ML models to changing environments.

Data science as a service (DSaaS)

  • Enjoy advanced data analytics insights without the need for in-house data science competencies, leveraging cutting-edge data science technologies for your business.

Methods and Technologies We Use

We employ a wide range of cutting-edge methods and technologies, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), data mining, and predictive modeling, to extract valuable insights and patterns from your data, enabling data-driven decision-making for your business.


Machine learning consulting

  • Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance on implementing machine learning-powered solutions, enabling businesses to uncover hidden patterns and gain accurate predictions and forecasting, conduct root-cause analysis, and automate visual inspection processes.

Big data services

  •  We offer end-to-end big data services, including consulting, implementation, and support, along with a Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) model. Our solutions empower companies to store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, delivering advanced analytics insights from massive datasets.

Data mining services

  • Our data mining experts excel at extracting valuable insights from large, heterogeneous, and ever-changing datasets. With our services, businesses can unlock the potential of their data without the need for in-house data mining expertise.


Some Prominent Apps We Brought to Life

Development of a Complex Web Product for Semantic Analysis

  • Developed products enabling big companies to enhance their innovation process through semantic analysis of natural language texts, including 15 million worldwide patents, 3,000 cross-disciplinary scientific ‘deep web’ websites, and an 8,000 scientific effects database. The software empowers engineering, marketing, and production personnel to discover more cost-effective, competitive, and higher-quality system designs.

Development of Image Analysis Software for Automated Optical Inspections

Created industrial image analysis software for automated optical inspection of printed circuit assemblies, optimizing the PCA manufacturing workflow and ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Development of an Application for LED Display Quality Diagnostics

  • Designed a cross-platform application for real-time video monitoring, error detection, and notification, enabling instant identification of problems with showing advertisements on LED displays.

Development of an Image Recognition Mobile App for a Luxury Vehicles Manufacturer

    • Delivered an image recognition solution that accelerated user registration in the luxury vehicles manufacturer’s customer service system by 10 times.
  • Development of Software for Defect Recognition in Polyurethane Film

    Empowered a leading petrochemical company with image recognition software for real-time quality control and defect detection in their PU film manufacturing division.

    Development of Automated Trading Software Powered with Data Science

    Developed an automated trading system that leverages data science for complex scenario analysis and pattern recognition, providing forecasts and recommendations for traders.

    Development of a Facial Recognition Application for Retail

    • Provided retailers with a strategic solution to track and identify customers, gathering data for marketing purposes and enhancing security measures.

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