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Data Management Services

Make Your Data a Strategic Asset


Edylinn Technologies offers comprehensive data management services, including data integration, data quality management, and data governance, to help businesses harness the power of their data and drive informed decision-making. Our expert team ensures efficient data handling and optimization enhanced business performance.

Edylinn Technologies Data Management Program

Edylinn Technologies’ Data Management Program empowers businesses to effectively collect, organize, and utilize their data for strategic decision-making and improved performance.

Data governance

  • : Establishing data governance standards and policies for data availability, integration, quality, security, and proper usage, and evaluating existing governance practices.

Data architecture

  • Designing data architecture for efficient data capture, integration, storage, analysis, and usage, and conducting audits to align it with enterprise strategy.

Data integration

  • Consolidating data from diverse sources using ETL/ELT processes and data virtualization techniques.

Data quality management

Performing data cleansing, enrichment, and regular data quality assurance.

Data storage

Designing, implementing, and supporting storage solutions for datasets of varying scale and format.

Reference and master data management

  • Ensuring data consistency and quality across systems with data profiling, deduplication, and standardization.

Metadata management

Building and maintaining metadata repositories for data asset localization and lineage tracking.

Data warehousing, analytics, and reporting

Designing and implementing BI and data analytics infrastructure for maximizing data value.

Data security

Implementing data security practices and conducting regular risk assessments to prevent unauthorized access and inappropriate usage.

Data migration and backup

Efficiently moving data between systems with data assessment, automation, and completeness evaluation.

Data Quality Standards We Aim for at Edylinn Technologies:

When establishing data management for customers, ScienceSoft guarantees the following data quality characteristics:


Ensuring data coherence and coherence across different data stores and systems


Providing reliable and error-free information in your data.


Ensuring data is sufficient to address your business inquiries effectively.


Enabling easy access and traceability of data changes.


Representing data in alignment with corporate standards and within reasonable timeframes.


Eliminating data duplicates and ensuring each data record is distinct in the database.

Cooperation Models We Offer

Data management software implementation

  • In-depth Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing data ecosystem to understand your unique requirements and challenges.
  • Tailored Solutions: Our team provides customized data management software implementation based on your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency.
  • Data Migration: We handle the migration of your data to the new software, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.
  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality checks are conducted to ensure the data management software functions flawlessly.
  • User Training and Support: We offer user training and ongoing support to maximize the benefits of the implemented data management software.

Data architecture

  • Strategic Planning: Our experts design data architecture strategies aligned with your business objectives to optimize data storage, integration, and utilization.
  • Scalable Solutions: We create data architectures that can scale with your growing business needs, accommodating large datasets and future expansion.
  • Data Governance: Ensuring that data governance policies are integrated into the data architecture to maintain data quality, security, and compliance.
  • Data Modeling: We develop data models that represent your business entities and relationships, facilitating better understanding and utilization of data.
  • Advanced Analytics: Our data architecture allows for seamless integration with analytics tools, enabling you to gain actionable insights from your data.
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    Tools and Technologies Used for Data Management

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