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Cloud App Development Services

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Experience the power of the cloud with our comprehensive cloud app development services. From architecture design to deployment and maintenance, our expert team leverages the latest cloud technologies to build scalable, secure, and high-performing cloud applications. Harness the agility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of the cloud to transform your business and stay ahead in the digital landscape. Trust us to deliver cutting-edge cloud app solutions that drive innovation, streamline operations, and propel your business to new heights.

Why Edylinn Technologies

Edylinn Technologies stands out as a top choice for businesses seeking exceptional software development solutions. With a customer-centric approach and a team of highly skilled professionals, we deliver innovative and tailor-made software products that align with your unique business goals. Our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and client satisfaction sets us apart, making Edylinn Technologies the preferred partner for organizations looking to drive digital transformation, maximize efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth. Trust us to bring your ideas to life and elevate your business with our cutting-edge technology solutions.

Why Do Businesses Increasingly Opt for Cloud?

~ 99.98%

service availability


operating costs savings


faster launch of new features


higher development and support staff productivit


of businesses experience a significant upgrade in security


The Scope of Our Cloud Application Services

At Edylinn Technologies, our cloud application services offer a wide scope of expertise to empower businesses in their cloud journey. From cloud strategy and consulting to cloud application development, migration, and management, we cover every aspect of the cloud application lifecycle. Our team of cloud specialists leverages leading cloud platforms and technologies to design and build scalable, secure, and resilient cloud applications.


  • Structuring and elaborating on your high-level software idea.
  • Suggesting innovative feature ideas based on the analysis your needs/software idea.

Cloud app planning

  • Drawing up high-level functional and technical requirements to software.

For corporate apps:

  • Eliciting business needs and concerns regarding existing and desired business process flows.

For products:

  • Defining a “killer feature” for an MVP to get an advantage on the market.
  • Defining OOTB functionality.
  • Deciding on a customization and integration approach.

Business case

Cloud app dev project planning

    • A product development and management roadmap with a release plan and a prioritized features list.

Cloud app architecture design

    • Detailing cloud app architecture that meets availability, performance, security, portability, etc. objectives.
    • Choosing an optimal tech stack.
    • Ensuring compliance of the app’s architecture with industry regulations (HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS).
    • Designing a cloud infrastructure.

Cloud app support and evolution

Cloud app dev

    • Back-end development.
    • Front-end development.
    • Integrations with other software.
    • Designing a CI/CD pipeline for cloud deployment.
    Cloud app dev

Cloud app QA & testing

  • Test planning.
  • Regular code reviews.
  • Unit testing.
  • Conducting functional, integration, regression, exploratory, performance, usability, compatibility, security testing.
  • Test automation.
  • Release testing in case of iterative development.

Cloud app support and evolution

Seeking to empower already existing apps with cloud benefits?

We also help our clients move their legacy applications to the cloud – doing it gradually and with minimum disruption to the ongoing business processes, please see our legacy cloud migration offering.


How We Build Our Cloud Apps

Scalable and portable apps

With our cloud application services, we employ scalable architecture and containerization techniques to ensure your apps can seamlessly handle increased user demands and efficiently scale as your business grows. We prioritize portability, allowing your apps to run seamlessly across different cloud environments, providing flexibility and agility.

Modifiable and compatible cloud apps

: At Edylinn Technologies, we focus on building cloud apps using modular and compatible design principles. This enables us to create highly customizable and adaptable solutions that can easily integrate with existing systems and scale with your evolving business needs. Our expertise ensures compatibility with various cloud platforms, maximizing interoperability and future-proofing your applications.

Resilient cloud apps

Our approach to developing resilient cloud apps involves implementing redundancy, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery mechanisms. We design for high availability, ensuring your apps can withstand unexpected failures and maintain seamless operation. With thorough testing and continuous monitoring, we ensure your apps can quickly recover from disruptions and deliver uninterrupted services.

Secure cloud apps

Security is a top priority in our cloud application services. We employ robust security protocols, including data encryption, access controls, and threat monitoring, to safeguard your cloud apps from unauthorized access and potential cyber threats. Our team follows industry best practices to ensure the highest level of data protection and maintain a secure environment for your applications.

Fast and Stable Cloud App Development

Incremental Development in Small Sprints:

: At Edylinn Technologies, we follow an iterative approach to software development, delivering increments and providing major releases every 2-3 weeks. With daily minor releases, you can track project progress, gather real user feedback early, and focus on what truly matters. Within 1-2 months, you receive a ready-to-use MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of high quality.

Shift-left approach to testing

We prioritize testing to enhance efficiency and software quality. Our approach involves involving test engineers in requirement clarification and prioritization, including developers in the validation process, starting active testing at the API level, and more. By shifting testing activities earlier in the development cycle, we ensure comprehensive and effective quality assurance.

High Level of Automation:

To ensure fast and high-quality releases, we employ a high level of automation in software integration, testing, and deployment. By automating these processes, we optimize efficiency, reduce human error, and accelerate the overall development lifecycle.

Domain knowledge

Our business analysts and software developers possess domain knowledge that enables them to deeply understand your business needs. This allows us to create tailored solutions that effectively meet your requirements, reducing rework and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Skilled developers

We promote skill upgrades among our developers so that they can solve problems faster and create less complex and more efficient solutions.

Experienced project managers and well-defined communication points

Our experienced project managers act as effective bridges between business stakeholders and our cross-functional teams. They serve as the single point of contact, ensuring smooth and efficient communication throughout the project. This helps facilitate collaboration and expedite project timelines.

Self-managed cross-functional teams

Our teams are composed of a diverse range of experts, including Team Leads, developers, DevOps engineers, testers, BAs, and designers. Trained to work independently, our cross-functional teams take full responsibility for software feature implementation, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely delivery.

How Much Will Your Cloud App Project Cost?

How Much Will Your Cloud App Project Cost?

Determining the cost of your cloud app project requires careful consideration of various factors, including project scope, complexity, required features, and development timeline. At Edylinn Technologies, we provide customized pricing tailored to your specific requirements. We offer transparent pricing models, ensuring clarity and alignment with your budget. Contact us for a detailed project analysis and personalized cost estimate, enabling us to deliver a high-quality cloud app solution that meets your needs while optimizing cost efficiency.

How Edylinn Technologies Helps Optimize Cloud App Costs

Edylinn Technologies excels in optimizing cloud app costs through our specialized expertise in cloud architecture design and cost-effective resource management strategies. We thoroughly analyze your app requirements, identify potential areas of cost optimization, and leverage cloud-native technologies to streamline infrastructure utilization. Our team implements efficient scaling mechanisms, automation, and robust monitoring to ensure optimal resource allocation and cost efficiency. With our guidance, you can minimize unnecessary expenses, maximize the value of your investment, and achieve optimal cost optimization for your cloud app project. Trust Edylinn Technologies to help you optimize your cloud app costs while delivering exceptional performance and functionality.

1    Comparing cost and capabilities of different clouds for each specific cloud app project.

2    Keeping up with unique cloud cost optimization opportunities from the most popular cloud vendors (Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud).

3 Designing an auto-scaling cloud app architecture and dynamic resource orchestration to achieve up to a 37% decrease in cloud hosting costs (optionally).

4  Designing an auto-scaling cloud app architecture and dynamic resource orchestration to achieve up to a 37% decrease in cloud hosting costs (optionally).

5    Providing the cloud resource consumption optimization plan and helping with its implementation and continuous management on-demand. solution development and administration.

Cloud App Initiative Q&A by edylinn

How can we avoid cloud vendor lock-in?

Ensure that your cloud application is designed without complex infrastructure dependencies to easily switch vendors of some cloud services if needed. Another option is to create a cloud-agnostic cloud app, but it can tangibly increase the cost and duration of the development project.

How not to end up paying more for cloud than for local hosting?

Consider cloud-native architectures for your application. Companies usually experience 30-60% cost savings from what would normally be required for local hosting when the application is correctly adapted to the optimal cloud resource consumption at the architectural level. Note: Re-architecting of legacy applications to make them cloud-native is not always technically and economically feasible.

Delaying Cloud App Development due to High Risks and Costs?

edylinn offers well-established agile development processes, latest software design patterns, and a high degree of automation to help with safe, swift and financially sound cloud application development.


Techs and Architecture Patterns We Work With

The Financial Times Includes ScienceSoft USA Corporation in the List of Americas’ Fastest-Growing Companies 2022

ScienceSoft is one of 500 companies with the highest compound annual growth rate in revenue. This achievement is a result of our unfailing commitment to provide high-quality IT services and find best-value solutions to clients’ needs.

We Eagerly Put in Use IT Innovations

Click the cards to find the detailed description of our capabilities with each technology.


Big Data

Artificial Intelligence

Data Science

Internet of Things

Computer Vision

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality


Our Cloud Development Service Options

Cloud app development

  • Assess development project feasibility, provide cost & time estimates.
  • Power the app with advanced services (AI, VR, data science, IoT and more).
  • Integrate the app with third-party systems.
  • Provide continuous cloud app support and maintenance to meet new business needs.

Application migration to the cloud

We cover: Application and/or DWH migration to the cloud with all-around modifications (if necessary). Integration of cloud and on-premises environments into a hybrid infrastructure (if required). Data migration. CI/CD implementation. Cloud infrastructure configuration. Cloud application testing.

Pricing Options for Our Services

Fixed price

Best for: Feasibility study, PoC, small cloud projects with clear and stable requirements.

You pay the price established by a contract.

Time & Material, Time & Material with a cap

Best for: advisory activities (business analysis, architecture design, project planning, etc.), agile cloud app development and implementation, cloud app evolution (introducing substantial changes or adding new functionality).

You receive the end-of-the-month invoice based on the hours or efforts reported per month (under the stated upper limit in case of T&M with a cap).

Per-ticket pricing

Best for: L1, L2 cloud application support.

At the start of cooperation, we define the ticket cost, and you get charged based on the volume of incidents we resolve monthly.

Fixed monthly fee

Best for: L3 cloud application support (in-code defect fixes, functional changes).

At the start of cooperation, we define the hourly rate for cloud app support activities. After the service is delivered, you pay for a bunch of hours during which we’ve been providing support.

Our Happy Clients

Leo Burnett Worldwide: What Is Working with edylinn Like

For 4 years, we have been trusted with software development and support projects, including those based on .NET and AWS cloud, from a renowned advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. Sam Gooby, Head of Platform Production at Leo Burnett, reveals his first-hand experience on cooperation with our team.

Owing to edylinn experience in distributed modular systems, we cooperated with them on the evolution of our Azure-based product for accounts payable management. edylinn was to cover end-to-end development of an intelligent paperless invoice processing module for the product. The new software module performs stably even under heavy load, which helps provide high quality user experience for our customers.

Wadih Pazos, Chief Operating Officer, Paramount WorkPlace

 edylinn offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure .NET, mobile and Quality Assurance. Over the past three years, Lixar was very pleased with the service provided by edylinn development teams and executive management. For accelerated project timelines which require skilled resources, edylinn is a company that your team should consider.

Jan Banda, Director, Lixar

Enjoy Availability and Stable Scaling of Cloud Apps

edylinn is ready to deliver a cloud application designed for high securityperformance efficiency and operational excellence with optimized TCO.