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Big Data Services to Make a Big Difference

Leverage our expert Big Data services to harness the full potential of your data, enabling data-driven decision-making and transformative insights for your business. From data collection to analysis, we’ve got you covered.

Highlights about Edylinn Technologies

  • Over 10 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions.
  • Served 500+ clients across various industries worldwide.
  • A team of 200+ skilled professionals dedicated to excellence.
  • Successfully completed 1000+ projects, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Edylinn Technologies Big Data Services

Big data consulting

  • Development of big data implementation/evolution strategies and detailed roadmaps.
  • Recommendations on data quality management.
  • Designing big data solution architecture and proposing an optimal technology stack.
  • User adoption strategies to ensure smooth implementation.
  • Conducting a proof of concept for complex projects.

Big data implementation

  • Analyzing big data needs and requirements.
  • Creating a robust big data solution architecture and design.
  • Developing the entire big data solution, including data lake, DWH, ETL/ELT setup, data analysis, reporting, and dashboarding.
  • Implementing big data governance procedures for quality and security.
  • Developing and tuning ML models for advanced analytics.

Big data support

  • Providing ongoing administration and maintenance for big data solutions.
  • Updating and upgrading big data software.
  • Managing user permissions and access.
  • Ensuring data cleaning and data backup and recovery.
  • Conducting health checks and performance monitoring of big data solutions.

Big data managed analytics services

  • Setting up and supporting the infrastructure for big data solutions.
  • Handling data extraction and management.
  • Developing and tuning ML models for advanced analytics.
  • Delivering predefined and ad hoc reports within a few weeks of starting the cooperation.
  • Ensuring continuous evolution and improvement of big data solutions.

Industry-neutral big data analytics use cases

Big data warehousing

  • Storing diverse data related to business processes, finances, resources, and customers for analytical querying and reporting.
  • Corporate performance analytics to evaluate overall business performance.
  • Revenue, cost, and investment analytics for financial insights.
  • Predicting, forecasting, and planning with consideration of interdependencies for performance, revenue, and capacity.

Operational analytics

  • Handling and processing large volumes of operational data, including transactional data, production process data, employee data, and more.
  • Detecting deviations and undesirable patterns in company operations, such as production processes and product distribution.
  • Identifying bottlenecks, conducting cause-effect analysis, and managing operational risks.
  • Conducting forecasting for demand, capacity, and inventory, along with performing what-if scenario modeling for operational planning.

Industry-specific big data analytics use cases


  • Analyzing manufacturing data (equipment year, model, sensor data, error messages, engine temperature, etc.) to predict equipment failures and the remaining useful time in real time.
  • Real-time monitoring of production processes, production equipment data, materials usage, etc., to identify factors leading to production time increase and delays for production optimization.


  • Capturing, storing, and analyzing patient-related data (doctor notes, medical images, EHR/EMR data) for personalized care plans and real-time patient monitoring.
  • Mining claims data to detect fraudulent activities and forecast supply-demand for healthcare supply chain optimization.

Financial services

  • Real-time analysis of manufacturing data (equipment details, sensor data, error messages) to predict equipment failures and remaining useful time.
  • Real-time monitoring of production processes and equipment data for optimizing production time and identifying potential delays.

Transportation and logistics

  • Real-time tracking and analysis of sensor data (cargo state, location) for transparent and high-quality delivery of goods.
  • Real-time analysis of driver behavior, maintenance needs, weather, traffic data, and fuel consumption for dynamic route optimization.

Retail and ecommerce

  • Analysis of customer data (demographics, mobile app usage, purchases) to optimize merchandizing and provide personalized recommendations and discounts.
  • Forecasting customer demand, analyzing product attributes, and using ML-driven recommendations for creating new offerings.

Oil and gas

  • Real-time analysis of log and sensor data for predictive equipment maintenance and improved operations.
  • Analysis of drilling and production data to identify new oil deposits and measure well production.


  • Analyzing network usage trends and forecasting areas with excess capacity for optimizing network performance.
  • Analyzing customer data to improve customer satisfaction and retention through relevant product offerings.

Want to Harness Big Data for Your Business Needs?

Leverage the transformative potential of Big Data to revolutionize your business operations, drive data-driven decision-making, and gain valuable insights that lead to enhanced efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth, with Edylinn Technologies’ comprehensive and expertly crafted Big Data solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

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Technical Components of a Big Data Solution We Cover

Data lake

Data warehouse

ETL processes

OLAP cubes

Data visualization

Data science

Data quality management

Data security

Big Data Technologies We Use

Here’s the list of technologies most frequently used in our big data projects:

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