Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Services

Edylinn Technologies provides cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics services to empower businesses with data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our expert team employs advanced tools and techniques to collect, analyze, and visualize data, helping clients gain valuable insights into their operations, customer behavior, and market trends.

Why Edylinn Technologies

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  • Expert Team: Our team of skilled data scientists, analysts, and BI specialists have extensive experience in handling diverse data analytics projects, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Advanced Technologies: We leverage the latest data analytics tools and technologies to provide accurate and actionable insights that drive business growth.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our BI and Business Analytics services to meet specific client needs and objectives.
  • Measurable Results: Our data-driven approach delivers tangible results, helping businesses improve efficiency, optimize processes, and make informed decisions that lead to success.

Looking for Assistance with Your BI Project?

With our business analytics services, you can harness the power of data-driven insights to identify trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and optimize your business processes.

Sample BI Architecture

Components of a Business Analytics Solution We Build

ETL\ELT processes

Our expert team excels at extracting data from diverse sources, transforming it into a predefined format, and loading it into your chosen storage destination, ensuring seamless data integration.

Data lake

Leverage our data lake solutions to store and manage any type of data, including big data, providing a robust foundation for your analytics and business intelligence needs.

Data warehouse

Centralize and optimize your structured data storage with our data warehouse solutions, empowering you with quick and efficient reporting and analysis capabilities.

OLAP cubes

Unlock the power of multidimensional data analysis with our OLAP cube services, enabling rapid self-service data exploration and insights generation.

Data reporting and visualization

Our immersive reports and interactive dashboards make analytics results easily understandable, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions.

Data quality management

We ensure your data is accurate and reliable by identifying and eliminating data anomalies through data profiling, cleansing, validation, and more.

Data security

Rest assured that your data is safe and protected throughout its storage, transformation, and utilization with our robust data security measures.

Data science

Take advantage of advanced analytics with our data science services, including data mining, big data analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to unlock valuable insights and drive innovation.

How We Visualize BI Dashboards

Symbol map
Line chart
Bar chart
Pie chart
Heat map
Funnel chart
Connectivity chart
Pivot table, etc.

BI Framework by Edylinn Technologies

Edylinn Technologies offers a comprehensive BI framework that enables businesses to gather, analyze, and visualize data efficiently, driving informed decision-making and unlocking valuable insights for growth and success.

See Business Intelligence in Action

Edylinntechnologies shows how customized dashboards can tell you the whole story about your company’s health and performance.

Business Analytics Services We Offer

BI consulting

Edylinn Technologies provides expert BI advisory services, guiding you through the implementation or optimization process. We review your existing data management practices, develop a BI roadmap, design architecture, and assist with tech selection. Our services also include data governance setup, BI solution cloud migration supervision, and user adoption strategy.

BI implementation

With a focus on your specific business needs, we deliver a comprehensive BI solution, including needs analysis, architecture conceptualization, and data governance setup. Our team develops BI components such as data lakes, data warehouses, OLAP cubes, reports, and dashboards, with the option to incorporate data science capabilities. We also provide quality assurance, data migration, user training, and ongoing support and evolution.

BI as a service

Edylinn Technologies offers a fully configured BI platform on AWS and Azure for cloud-based business analysis through a subscription model. Our service includes infrastructure deployment and management, providing fast access to intelligence insights, and predictable consumption-based pricing.